Let us take over!

We can help you grow your Instagram account organically. 

This means that we'll:

  • post consistently throughout the day
  • use the right hashtags
  • keep the number of people you follow low
  • engage with followers and other accounts. 

+ as a BONUS, not only will we shout out your page on our page (on both our story and as a post), we'll also make you a MEDIA KIT, which includes all the  information that a brand would need to collaborate with you, in turn helping you monetize your page!

"But why can't I just buy my followers instead?"

It seems like a simple fix, but here's one very important reason why you shouldn't:


Let's be honest; having a high number of followers gives your account that certain appeal that attracts people to your page. It lets them know that other people enjoy your content and like keeping up with you. But when it comes to actually monetizing your Instagram and becoming an influencer by working with brands and getting sponsorship deals, the most important factor is your engagement rate. Meaning that this shows companies and other interested parties how many people interact with your content (through likes, comments, and shares). 

When you buy followers, that is all you are doing: buying followers. They will not comment, like or share your pictures/videos, unlike real followers. And advertisers love seeing that real interaction, i.e. pages with high engagement rates; this lets them know that your followers value your thoughts and opinions, and most importantly, that your followers trust you. 

"What would you need from me to increase my following?"

All we ask for is that you supply us with the pictures and/or videos you would like us to post. Leave the posting, and everything else, up to us!


Still unconvinced?

We started our Instagram page a little over a year ago, and since then we've grown to almost 50,000 followers, as well as having over 15k posts using our #blackbabygoals hashtag! We did it with our page, and now we'd like to help you with yours!