Aislyn & Aria | THE WILSON TWINS


Even though identical twins Aislyn and Aria are just 10 months old, they have a lot of personality! 

Going through their Instagram feed, @werethewilsontwins, you can see their sense of style shine through, from their matching fits to their adorable hair accessories 🎀.  

Besides hanging out together, Aislyn and Aria love to laugh and play in front of the mirror 😄, and they especially love to watch YouTube nursery rhymes! 🎶 This also like to get into any and everything nowadays 🙈.

They have great taste when it comes to how they like their hair done, seeing as their favourite hairstyle are curly puffs! And their taste extends into the fashion department 💅🏾, where their go-to outfit is their pink track suit with a matching onesie 💁🏾.  

Aislyn and Aria have both come such a long way, and have really grown to be beautiful, active, happy little girls. 👑 With all their positive qualities, the future is bright for Aislyn and Aria! 🌟


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